11 November 2014

Riley at 23 months old

23 months. Really? It is hard to believe that my baby is now a smooth-talking, hyper-active toddler. I still find it surprising when he actually responds to my questions. When I reach home after a long day at work, one of the first thing I will ask him is what he did that day. He will tell me things like "Riley play outside" or "Lolo visit Riley, eat ice cream." He does not get the concept of using pronouns yet. It is always Riley this or Mama that.

The scary (or fun, depending how you utilize it) part is that he will repeat everything you say. I will be talking with my husband about how bad the traffic was on the way home and later on Riley will be talking to someone and tell them how his Mama was stuck in traffic. I will coach him to say something to his papa and when papa gets home, Riley will repeat what I said to him. That is one of the reason I am mindful of the stuff that he will be hearing from other people. We try not to watch shows where they utter foul languages.

Another thing he loves doing lately is to play with puzzles. At first, I have to show him how to do it then he will be able to do it by himself. Now that he has a lot more experience in playing with puzzles, he can do it by himself from the get-go and enjoys playing with it as much as he enjoys playing with cars. Whenever he gets stuck though he will make grunting noises and ask us for help.

His memory skills are developing so fast that he now remembers where he has hidden my mobile phone! He loves hiding items and then when you look for it he will find it for you and say 'tada!'. And when he cannot find it, he will tell us that it is now gone and missing. He will also recount what happened that day while we are lying down on the bed (like how he ate rice for breakfast and his yogurt drink stash is depleted so now Mama has to buy more from the grocery). This morning, he was telling me that he wants to go to the zoo and look at the penguins (sorry Riley, the penguins are in Manila Ocean Park, not in the zoo).

So far, I am enjoying this stage in his life. I am praying that he will not enter the terrible twos and hope that next month brings in the terrific twos instead.


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