23 March 2015

A (not so) busy weekend

If the title of the post confused you, well you are not the only one as I am also confused how I can be busy and not so busy at the same time!

Weekends are usually the time to catch-up on some household chores, spend some quality time with family, and find the time to unwind from the previous week's work-related stress. A two-day weekend is always not enough! Actually, even a three-day weekend is not enough. I'm not sure if I just do not manage my time properly or there are just so many things to be done in so little time. Especially when you have a kid in the house, there is definitely not enough time for all the things you want to get done.

In the mornings, I try to squeeze in a quick 30 minute workout. I normally will not be able to do it because Riley demands that I watch the new EvanTubeHD videos with him. Or it can be Peppa Pig. Or Blaze and the Monster Machines. So I will wait until he is sleeping for his morning nap for me to do my workout. But most of the time, he will wake up if I am not sleeping beside him. There goes my morning plan!

Afternoons are usually spent outside, either at the mall or at Lolo's house.

Last weekend, we had lunch at Brother's Burger in Westgate.

He refuses to sit on the highchair. He insists that he is a big boy now and proceeds to show me his 'big' hands and feet. I told him to sit down properly and he reasoned that he is still smaller than me so he has to sit like that.

Quick side trip to My Father's Bookstore located above Neil's Kitchen

Sometimes we squeeze in a grocery trip for Riley's necessities. The actual household grocery is done without him.

He looks behaved in this shot. He normally jumps or walks around inside the trolley.

We also stopped by Alabang Town Center for some gelato at Amici, went to church in our village, and had a quick play at the park.

By the time we reach home it is already past 6 pm.
I have not done any exercises, visited the parlor, or had a quiet time for myself.

And before I know it, Monday is here! And it's like I did not accomplish anything concrete.

But even though I have a busy (sometimes hectic) weekend, I would not trade it for anything.
I consider it a blessing (and I am thankful) to be able to spend my weekend like this. It's not about myself anymore since Riley was born. Though I am still adjusting to thinking about his needs first instead of my own, I feel that I am slowly getting accustomed it.

Now if only I could squeeze in that workout then everything is perfect!

10 March 2015

Summer School Trial at Cambridge International School

I was looking for summer school activities that Riley can participate in and I came across Cambridge International School's summer courses. They had a free trial last weekend and I wanted to check if it was a right fit for Riley.

They had different programs depending on your child's interest. Rowlings for the future writers, Bourdains for the future chefs, Picassos for the artists, and I.M. Peis for the budding architects. I was crossing my fingers that Riley will choose the architect program as he loves playing with his Legos. But he had a mind of his own and preferred the Bourdains class. Like a little rebel, he promptly took off his chef's hat and did his own thing without waiting for the teacher. He even stood up and went beside the teacher to take the ingredients from her! 

I feel that the lessons are more suitable to children older than Riley. There was this long introduction about the types of food and for a 2 1/2 year old kid to listen to that is just too much. I would probably enroll Riley here when he is around 4 years old or older. I love how happy and positive the teachers are despite the constant interruption from the kids. It really humbles me how difficult a teacher's job really is.

Pros: Exposes your child to other interests and they might discover or learn new skills from the courses.

Cons: Students per class will be of different ages (from 2-6 years old based on the kids participating that day) so if your child is the youngest, he/she might not be given the attention he/she needs to fully understand the lessons.

After making his own pizza in the school, he asked me if we can go to the grocery to buy ingredients and make our own pizza at home. He said he wants his papa to taste his cooking. Watch out world! Junior MasterChef Riley is coming to a kitchen near you!