10 March 2015

Summer School Trial at Cambridge International School

I was looking for summer school activities that Riley can participate in and I came across Cambridge International School's summer courses. They had a free trial last weekend and I wanted to check if it was a right fit for Riley.

They had different programs depending on your child's interest. Rowlings for the future writers, Bourdains for the future chefs, Picassos for the artists, and I.M. Peis for the budding architects. I was crossing my fingers that Riley will choose the architect program as he loves playing with his Legos. But he had a mind of his own and preferred the Bourdains class. Like a little rebel, he promptly took off his chef's hat and did his own thing without waiting for the teacher. He even stood up and went beside the teacher to take the ingredients from her! 

I feel that the lessons are more suitable to children older than Riley. There was this long introduction about the types of food and for a 2 1/2 year old kid to listen to that is just too much. I would probably enroll Riley here when he is around 4 years old or older. I love how happy and positive the teachers are despite the constant interruption from the kids. It really humbles me how difficult a teacher's job really is.

Pros: Exposes your child to other interests and they might discover or learn new skills from the courses.

Cons: Students per class will be of different ages (from 2-6 years old based on the kids participating that day) so if your child is the youngest, he/she might not be given the attention he/she needs to fully understand the lessons.

After making his own pizza in the school, he asked me if we can go to the grocery to buy ingredients and make our own pizza at home. He said he wants his papa to taste his cooking. Watch out world! Junior MasterChef Riley is coming to a kitchen near you! 


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