17 February 2015

Finding Riley

We watched the classic Finding Nemo the other night (I'm declaring it a classic as it is still so relatable even after 12 years!). It was Riley's first time to watch it and as with any boy his age, he cannot sit still. The sharks scared him a little especially when they kept baring their teeth. One thing he remembered from the movie was that Nemo got separated from his father.

We were at the mall and he kept trying to run away from me. I did not want to grip his arm too tightly as it might dislocate or something when he tries to pull out of my grasp. After the thousandth time of him running away, I scooped him up in my arms and told him if he remembers Nemo. He said yes and I asked him why Nemo got lost in the first place. He just shrugged his shoulders. So I told him because he did not listen to his father when his father asked him to hold his hand. It took a few seconds for him to understand it and when he did, he quickly asked me to hold both his hands. When I told him one hand will do, he scolded me for not holding both his hands! Oh boy...

Funny part is after that he asked me if I was happy now. Cheeky fella, I know. He keeps asking that whenever he does what we tell him. I don't think he knows what sarcasm is yet so I don't get angry.

One time I told him that I was still sad. He hugged me and kissed me on the lips and then asked me again if I was happy now. Of course, I told him yes! :)


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