06 February 2015

Dialogues with a toddler

As my son learns new words and phrases, I am finding it more challenging to have a conversation with Riley. Here's the starting point to document our little chats.

Me (trying to brush his teeth): Open your mouth wider please.
Riley: Later... (turns his back)
Me: Since you don't want me to brush you're teeth, I'll go downstairs and call Aya to brush your teeth.
Riley: Mama, no. Don't say that. It's not nice.
Me: ...umm...okay...

I don't even know what the appropriate reaction for that is!

And he started getting curious about the taste of the coffee I drink every morning.

Riley: Can I try that Mama?
Me: Sorry, it's for grown-ups only.
Riley: But Riley is a grown-up little boy Mama!
Me: ...umm...no.

After a long day at work, I normally head to the shower before going to bed. But Riley was sleepy and wanted me to sleep with him already.

Riley: Let's go to sleep now Mama.
Me: I'll shower first okay? You sleep with Papa and I'll join you after I take a bath.
Riley: (starts to cry) But I want to sleep with Mama!
Me: I need to shower first because I'm stinky.
Riley: (runs to hug me and still crying) Mama, you're not stinky! You smell good!
Me: ...umm...okay...

I saw him rubbing the top of his head and asked him what he was doing.

Riley: I'm fixing my hair.
Me: You're messing it up.
Riley: No, I'm fixing it because I'm handsome!

I was sick and was sleeping on the sofa so Riley would not catch my cold. He kept insisting I sleep with him and he kept crying if I leave him on the bed. I gave up and just lay down on the bed with him.

Riley: Where's my blanket?
Me: You left it on the sofa. I'll wait for you here while you go get it.
Riley: I'll just get my blanket. Don't cry okay Mama? I'll just be over there.

Oh Riley! You funny little boy!


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