16 February 2015

The magic word

Part of growing up means that you formulate your own thoughts and make your own decisions. We have been constantly trying to impart good manners to Riley by teaching him to say 'please' and 'thank you'. Sometime he remembers and when he does not, we remind him and he will happily oblige.

One night, as we were getting ready to sleep, he asked for his lampin (cloth used for swaddling or as a diaper but he uses it like a blanket). He always cuddles with his lampin during nap times.

Riley: Mama, get my lampin.
Me: You have to say it nicely. What's the magic word?
Riley: Uhmm... Mickey Mouse clubhouse!
Me: It's 'please'
Riley: Please Mickey Mouse clubhouse!

I will chalk this up as a win as he did say 'please' in the end.


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