20 September 2014

Bagyong Mario

I woke up yesterday morning to heavy rainfall. Great. There's nothing I hate more than going to work while it's raining. The traffic, muddy puddles, and getting your feet wet. I've been meaning to buy boots but always end up buying something for Riley instead. So, I was awake by 530am and, as usual, Riley wakes up too since he sleeps beside me. He always wakes up when I do. And everytime he will grab my arm, put it around him and say, "Love you, mama." Sweet noh? And of course I'll be late because of the extended cuddling time. Hey, I'm enjoying this while it lasts! 

When I stood up to prepare myself for work, he looked out the window and said "Raining Mama. Chicken wet. Wawa chicken wet." He was referring to the neighbour's pet rooster which is caged in their backyard. I switched on the tv to see if it is flooded in the areas I'll be passing by. And flooded nga. Yehey! Self-declared holiday! I went back to bed and Riley took out his train books and told me he wanted to read. "Mama, read train. Oooo train, choo-choo! Train festival still broken. Train track broken. Go SM, Mama." I have such a talkative toddler. He sometimes talks while sleeping. Is that normal? Anyway, he can carry a conversation about the broken train in Festival Mall for like half an hour then switch topics to wanting to go to SM and buy Yakult. Kulit. Kahit may sakit madaldal padin. If not for the lost weight, you will not know he's sick. Plus, he's a picky eater so it's twice as hard to make him eat anything. I've resorted to buying all his favourite food just so he will eat something. Cocoa crunch, wafer, raisins, yoghurt drink, and yakult. He normally loves pansit and spaghetti but now that he is sick he doesn't want to eat it. 

Papa still had to work yesterday and Riley wanted to hatid Papa to work. We just bought chicharon from the nearby store and waved Papa goodbye. Riley said, "Papa work. Busy." If he is calling out to someone and that person will not respond, he will tell me that that person is busy. In the mall when he sees a saleslady and calls her Ate and Ate does not respond, he will look at me and say, "Mama, ate busy." I taught him that so he will not interrupt people when they are talking. He picked it up straight away! Clever boy. He will even call out to Manang while she is cooking. And then if Manang does not reply, he will say, "Manang busy cooking." Cute.

He keeps standing on the sofa and looking out the window to watch the rain. He even wanted to go out to touch it. I told him that he is still sick so if he gets wet from the rain he has to go see his doctor again. He said, "Ayaw." Then sat down and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I miss normal everyday moments like these. When I was a SAHM, I said I missed working in an office. Now that I am working in an office, I miss staying at home with Riley. Ang gulo lang. You can't have everything talaga. Kaya pag may opportunity to just stay at home, I just stay home with this hyperactive kulit toddler.


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