23 September 2014

A Working Mom's Dilemma

I hardly see my boy from Mondays to Fridays. Working full-time away from home means leaving the house at 630am and coming back around 730pm (and that depends on the traffic). I used to be Riley's primary caregiver as I quit work and stayed with him for the first year of his life. I learned a lot during that period and the main lesson is that being a stay at home mom (SAHM) is extremely difficult! Akala ko noon chill lang siya. My goodness, kulang ang 24 hours sa isang araw sa dami ng kelangan gawin! To save my sanity, I went back to work.

He had separation anxiety when I started working. Ang hirap umalis every morning. He will cling to me as soon as he feels me getting up from the bed until I leave the house. Nakatayo pa yan sa may door ng banyo, crying for me to pick him up. I tried to explain to him that I will be back later but I guess he did not understand that yet. So he started to send me off to work. He will walk me up to the end of our street and I will hug him goodbye. That was our morning ritual since I started working earlier this year. Kahit umuulan ipipilit niya pero of course I will say next time na lang to him. This past week, I noticed that he will calmly kiss me goodbye and continue playing with his toys. Ganun?! I asked him if he wants to hatid his mama, he told me he was busy. Talagang ganun?! Nooooo! Don't tell me my little boy is not clingy anymore! I'll be marginally pacified if he was clingy even just a little... Sigh...

Here he is busy coloring Mickey Mouse. At the moment, he will say red for every color he sees. 
And he still does not want to send off his mama even when she was begging him to.


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