01 October 2014

A toddler's independence - the beginning

This comic from Grant Snider sums up my parenting experience with Riley so far.

INCIDENTAL COMICS: Declarations of Independence

He's a very picky eater but when he sees someone eating a dish that is entirely new to him, he will eat it. Try serving it again to him, he would spit it out. Spaghetti has been the running favorite for the past year now. He eats this at least 3 times a week. We put in yogurt drink, Yakult, Coco Crunch, and popcorn as staples in our pantry in case he refuses to eat anything we serve him.

Riley loves playing with water but hates bath time. He has to be bribed with toys to take with him while he showers. Lately, this has not been working. Kung papayag lang ang papa niya eh every other day na lang siya maliligo!

He prefers me to carry him especially when he is sleepy or feeling sick. And he will scream the house down if his papa is near him during this episode.

He is starting to have a preference in footwear (always his batman shoes). Slippers are a form of torture for him. I'm thinking he does not like it when his toes are separated.

Naptime? Someone has to lay down beside him because if he wakes up and no one is there, all hell breaks loose.

Whew... Riley is not even two and the demands are that high already. This is why God made toddlers very, very, very cute.


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