07 October 2014

#Weight issues of a post-pregnancy body

Exactly a year and 10 months after giving birth, I am still carrying my pregnancy weight. It's like a bad haircut–everyone can see it but you can't until you look in the mirror (that's why I avoid using full body mirrors!). Wearing big clothes can only hide so much. Litaw na litaw pa din ang fats ko.

After my one year work hiatus, I decided to join a fitness company as their in-house designer hoping to get motivated into losing the excess pounds. They had an active policy that all their employees set a good example of living a fit and healthy lifestyle. For three months, I lived and breathed fitness. I consumed proper meal portions, had a regular eating schedule, and was mandated to go to the gym regularly. I've tried most of the group exercise classes even though I looked like a beheaded chicken while trying the moves. I walked to the mall and browsed the shops during my break. Sometimes, I even use the stairs. Every one around me were all fit and went to the gym almost everyday. True enough, I lost around 6kg. The tummy is still hanging in there though. Matigas din kasi ang ulo tulad ng amo.

Then I transferred to a different office. In one month, I gained all of the weight I lost and more! Anak naman ng tokwa! My fault really. The nearest stores are fast food. It's too hot to walk anywhere. And my colleagues don't have weight problems so wala ako kasama or kasabay mag gym. I tried to reel back my appetite and ate salad from Earle's Deli during lunch breaks. And get tempted by Krispy Kreme doughnuts for dessert. Diet fail talaga. I've been trying to find the time to go to the gym but leaving the house at 6am and reaching home at 730pm does not really give me time to bond with my boy. Tapos I'll go to the gym pa? Nakakasama naman na ng luob yun diba. Pero, I guess, mas nakakasama naman ng luob to see other mommies (with kids the same age as mine) who are so slim. Nag overflow ang bitterness level ko. Kaya ikinakain ko ng twister fries. Fail nanaman!

Kaya ko din to. Kakayanin ko din to. Challenge accepted!
I've already signed up for classes in the gym nearby my office.
If I don't update in the coming days, my body is probably too sore to get up and type my thoughts in.


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