17 October 2014

H&M Wishlist

H&M has finally opened their doors here in Manila! As much as I would love to be first in line (hello P6,000 GC!), I don't have the patience to wait and I don't know what to say to my boss when I file for my leave. Queuing for a clothing store opening is not really acceptable in the corporate world.

Since I am sure there will hundreds of people during the opening weekend (and the coming weeks), I could only lust after their adorable clothing for toddlers. I find it difficult to find nice clothes for boys. The shirts have to be made of light, breathable cotton material so Riley would not sweat too much while running around. The design has to be approved by his Papa so that means superheroes, specifically Batman and Superman. Riley has to know and like the character too as he has started to become brand conscious when it comes to his shirts and shoes. If he is not in the mood, he would refuse to wear anything unless he likes the character printed on it. And for me, my criteria is that the price is reasonable and the quality is durable.

Browsing through H&M Philippines online, I saw some items that passes all those criteria mentioned above in flying colors!
Riley's papa has shirts like this so if Riley had this, he will look like his papa!
I love the built-in suspenders. No more falling down pants!
This Batman sweater will go well with Riley's other Batman clothes
A cool jacket that will transform your toddler into a dinosaur!

Riley loves dinosaurs and the print on this shirt is awesome!

There are tons more to choose from at their online site!

Please be available when I visit the shop!

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