28 October 2014

This is how you eat a #doughnut

Purchased a box of Krispy Kreme Halloween themed doughnuts the other night. Riley loves eating chocolate doughnuts and I was thinking he will love the design on these.

Look how cute they are!

Looks good, tastes yummy too!

He wanted to try the pumpkin one and then he said the orange tasted yucky. Weird because they all tasted the same, it was just the coloring that was different. Silly boy! He ended up devouring the cobweb one as he deemed it a normal doughnut.

And here is how he ate it.

First, carefully taste it if it is a 'normal' doughnut


Second, open wide to place more of the yummyness inside your mouth

That funny face...

Finally, say 'Mmm, good!'

He's my little drama prince!


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