09 October 2014

From #playschool for the little boy to toys and #comics for the big boy

It is not often that we get to spend the weekend together. The husband usually works during weekends (and holidays!) because of the nature of his job. So whenever he gets the weekend off from work, we plan a whole day activity para sulit.

Riley had playschool in the morning and that was the first stop for the day. He has been attending the Saturday playgroup at Toddlers Unlimited for the past three weeks already. And I have definitely seen the improvement in his social skills since starting. We signed up for a total of six sessions lang. I wanted to test the waters before enrolling him full time. He is not even two years old pa so I didn't want him to feel pressured to learn a lot immediately. The six sessions are focused on teaching the children ABCs and parts of the body. Hindi naman strict yung mga teachers, the children don't have to follow them to the letter. Para ka nga nanuood ng kid's tv kasi they do everything while singing (packing away the toys, washing hands, and even forming a line to go to the romp area). Even when we are at home, I try to extend the classroom learning para may continuity siya and Riley will not forget. The good thing is that he loves being there! He will ask me everyday if we will go to school and I will tell him not today bukas pa. Until Saturday comes and I will tell him,"We will go to school today' and he will tell me, "No, Mama, bukas pa." Toinks!

We headed to SM Megamall after playschool so Papa can go to the Collecticon 2014 at the Megatrade hall and have lunch na din. The little boy always asks for pizza and spaghetti so guess what we had for lunch? Yep, pizza and spaghetti. He can also eat on his own already though it gets messy real quick. He doesn't like wearing a bib pa naman. So papalitan na lang ng shirt after eating. At least we can also eat without having to pacify him every minute. We missed Nando's back in Singapore so whenever we are in SM Megamall, eating at Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken is a must. The chicken is still moist, not salty and cooked throughout. And even without the sauce, malasa na sya. In Riley's words, "Mmm... Yummy!" And luckily, they have pizza and spaghetti too! 

While the husband was enjoying himself at his playground, we strolled around the new Fashion Hall wing. Para kang wala sa Megamall kasi upscale ang shops and eateries. Bongga na ang mega! I love the Cotton-on for kids lalo na the pants kasi it has adjustable waistband, funky color, and relatively cheap for an international brand. Riley saw this wall and he kept saying yummy burger, bite bite!

Never a dull moment with this little boy. 

We proceeded to Bonifacio Global City when Papa was finished buying (looking lang daw) his toys. Comicon naman sa Fully Booked. We stayed in the children's section so Riley can freely browse the books. When he saw a lot of books scattered on the floor, he started picking them up and placing them back on the shelves! He was also telling me, "Mama, messy! Pack away!" Namamana pala ang pagka OC. He loves browsing through books and seeing the characters that he has been watching on the tv printed on the books. When he saw this Doc Mcstuffin book shaped like a bag, he picked it up and shouted, "Balooooot!" Funny! It was around 5pm so we decided to grab some Krispy Kreme donuts before going home. Riley was watching the machine make donuts and his face was so precious talaga. Amazing daw. 

I love it when kids see normal everyday stuff as something extraordinary. It makes me appreciate the simple things. Like spending time with your family every chance you get. Precious.


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