09 October 2014

Current cartoon fave - Peppa Pig

I find it difficult to let Riley watch television. He learns new things so quickly nowadays that I have to make sure that he is learning good things whenever he is glued to the tv. The Disney Junior channel is on most of the time so it is no surprise that he loves Mickey and friends, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Timmy Time... everything actually!

We (yes, I also watch these cartoons! You know what they say, if you can't beat them...) were watching an episode of Jake on YouTube and when the video was done, it recommended Peppa Pig. Seemed harmless enough and I clicked it. Oh my, Peppa is so adorable! I'm not worried that it is a bit girly with all the pink hues and the main character being a girl. I don't think Riley has the concept of gender yet.

The storyline is simple with abrupt endings (I find that they end so suddenly with no closing or resolution to the issue being tackled in the episode) but I don't mind. It's less serious that way. I love the British accent on the characters. Not sure what accent Madame Gazelle has though. I can't understand her sometimes. Riley's favourite is George and Peppa. He keeps saying, 'Mama, roar!'. Cute! Until he repeats it 100x in a day. He keeps roaring at everyone, even at his toys! Funny kid. He will even wake up his papa just to say 'ROAR!'. Kulit lang diba?

Everything about Peppa pig is fantastic. Riley will sing along with the characters. He now has a concept of Christmas (he calls Santa Father Christmas). And he can recognize a lot of different animals from watching this. Plus, I find it funny when he rolls on the floor and laughs when they do at the end of the episode.

One morning though, while watching Peppa, he turned to me, pointed and said "mama, pig." Hmmm... maybe I should find another show for him. Any recommendations?!


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