17 October 2014


It’s my favorite day of the work week as it ushers in the weekend.

I used to look forward to unwinding from the busy work schedule that I had. What will I be doing? Getting pampered by having my nails done, getting a massage, eating a meal from that new restaurant everybody has been talking about (we’ll meet soon Tim Ho Wan!).

But since having Riley in my life, I have to think twice before spending on anything that is not a necessity. The weekly mani-pedi has become a once every two month schedule. Massages are reserved for a birthday treat. And fine dining? If they don’t have a kiddie menu and a high-chair, then forget it. You can’t make Riley sit down for a meal without strapping him in the chair.

What has replaced my pre-baby weekend rituals? Playgroups, playground, grocery shopping for Riley’s favorite drink (Yakult and Dutch Mill yogurt drink), or just goofing around while staying indoors. Somehow he knows when it's a weekend as he will say he wants to go to SM as soon as he wakes up! If I tell him it's too early to go, he will tell me to go to ATC instead. Silly boy!

Listening to the soon-to-be classic Let It Go with Thomas and Friends
Sure I miss seeing my friends and just hanging out. I miss watching telenovelas from sunrise to sunset (sometimes from sunrise to sunrise!). I miss eating without being rushed. I still get to do all those things, just not as often as before.

But honestly, I look forward to my weekends with Riley more than I used to with my pre-baby weekends.

Now, if only he will let me sleep in on Saturdays, I will be the happiest mom alive.


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