21 September 2014


While I was still pregnant, I told myself I would not bring my son to the mall's playhouse because it looks messy and unsafe. Two years (and a super kulit toddler) later, here I am taking Riley to the playhouse at least every other week. Riley used to be shy around new people, wants me to be at arms reach all the time and doesn't know how to share. After taking him to the playhouse twice, he has changed for the better. He still wants me to be around him. But as long as he sees me, he will play around the area. We are still working on taking turns and sharing the common toys. He still shouts for me when he wants something and the other kid has taken it. I will tell him to either wait for it or play with another toy in the meantime. Playhouses are generally messy. What do you expect with almost 20 kids running around throwing stuff around? Lumalabas lang pagka neat freak ko and I quietly arrange and put back some items when no one is looking! 

We've been to Dave's Playhouse, Fun Ranch, Austin Land and two other small playhouses in SM Southmall and Festival Mall (can't remember the name). I like Dave's because of the variety of toys. They have a market area with plastic produce, meats, and vegetables that you can place inside a shopping trolley or basket; a kitchen with wooden ovens; dress-up closet with lots of costumes for girls nga lang, I haven't seen any clothes for boys; a hospital with bed; and (Riley's fave) lots of ride-on cars to choose from.

I took him to Fun Ranch and he enjoyed walking around the padded area. Tambay mode siya sa ball pit. But I find that he is too young for a playground like that. Di sulit for his age and ang mahal ng entrance fee para sa bantay ng bata. Same goes for Austin Land. One lang yung ride-on car, sira pa yung gulong (see photo above).

The playhouse in Festival Mall is near the computer area. It's like a tipid version of Dave's Funhouse. Cheap naman din kasi the entrance fee (around P100/hour). I like it here if not for the people looking after the place. Naka upo lang at nakain ng cheetos habang nag aagawan na yung dalawang bata sa apron. Luckily, walang interest sa apron si Riley!

The last one located at SM Southmall's basement (near the salons) only has toy blocks, some trucks, a ball pit and slide. The entrance fee is also P100 but here you can tell na mura kasi the toys are the cheap plastic that you can buy in Divi. Unless sinusubo ng kids yung toys, I feel this place is okay na. Dave's kasi is super crowded during weekends and this place is comparatively vacant. Free entrance pa ang companion ng kid. And necessity na may bantay kasi some kids are brusko. 

Kaya every weekend, as soon as he wakes up, he will tell me that we are going to SM to play. Siya pa mag pack ng bag niya para alis na daw kami!

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  1. Grabe talaga, hirap din pala mag alaga pag malikot ang anak mo. Lalo na nung nagkaroon ako ng pangalawa. Minsan nga, naiisip ko nga baka may pagka-OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) ako. Hahahaha. Pero in the end, masaya din pala maging nanay. Nga pala, matanong ko lang.. anong pregnancy milk ang iniinom mo nung buntis ka pa? I was drinking Anmum noon kasi talagang nakakapagpalikot daw talaga yun ng baby.